Saint Isaac's Cathedral 

It's the largest orthodox basilica and the fourth largest cathedral in the world.









Stockholm Sweden





This concert hall in Stockholm Sweden has been awarded the Novel Prize every year since 1901



Vasa is a retired Swedish Warship built between 1626-1628.   Twenty minutes into her journey the 

ship was hit by two strong winds.  It heeled to port, water gushed in and the ship sank less than a mile

into journey. (145 sailors & 300 soldiers died) lengh 69m (226 ft) High 52.5m (172 foot)

The Vasa was recovered 1961 and has been displayed in its own museum since 1990






This is oregan sculpture in Sibelius monument in Finland

It consists of more than 600 pieces of hollow metal pipes welded together to resemble 

a wavy pipe oregan.  If you stand under this great copper sculpture when the wind is blowing 

it sounds like music playing.



The Sibelius Monument is dedicated to the Finland composer Jean Sibelius



Temppliauko Church Finland (Rock Church)  Built diretly into solid rock.

180 vertical glass window paves that connect the dome and granite wall